- BOOK 2


All Exercises and Written Material Devised, and

all Music Composed, Arranged, Compiled and Published entirely


Major Archie Cairns, MMM, CD (4)


(first published in 2016)


There are over 130 pages in this Book containing over 50 pictures and 70 pipe tunes - most of which are my compositions and/or arrangements.

I have included over 40 tunes that I composed and named to honour special friends and people who have made a significant contribution to piping, Pipe Bands and my family. 

Additionally there are instructional items dealing with reading, understanding, playing pipe music, neumonics, tone, tuning, movements, exercises with exercise tunes, etc.

There is also a section I entitled "Special Events in My Lifetime from 1951 to 2015" which includes photos and info on me with HM The Queen, HRH Prince Philip, HRH Prince Charles, etc.